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Murphy's Law, the Insight version

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So what do you think the chances are that:

Every single time I think to check my air pressure, or even look at my rear wheels, not one but BOTH tire valves are up under the skirts?

About 1/2 of the wheel is showing, so probability would dictate that nearly all the time, at least one valve should be below the skirt. But OHHHH NOOOOOO, not for me!


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No your absolutely right, I can only recall like maybe twice when both valve stems were exposed. What I try to do is check the pressure when washing the car, because I usually have the skirts off for this anyways. That way it doesn't matter where they are.
Ok yesterday made me think about this post. I recently had a new set of OEM tires put on my car at Costco which came with a free road hazard warranty. Well I picked up a nail in one tire so I took it in no bid deal. Well I was about to drive across town but as I started out I could tell there was something that just wasn't quite right about the car so I decided to stop at home first. I knew it had to be that they deflated my tires.

First one I checked was the front left which had the nail in it, and yep sure thing 35 psi. I check the front right one it's at 32 so then I assume all 4 have been "rechecked". I happen to have my right rear valve stem showing and it too is at 35 psi. So then I go for the left rear and the valve stem wasn't showing so I pushed the car back until it was. This one was left alone and still had the 50psi I put in it two days before. So they obviously had the same valve stem not showing that I did when I got it home.

I knew somethign wasn't right, but I guess 15psi inflation difference between different tires will do that.
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1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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