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Murphy's Law, the Insight version

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So what do you think the chances are that:

Every single time I think to check my air pressure, or even look at my rear wheels, not one but BOTH tire valves are up under the skirts?

About 1/2 of the wheel is showing, so probability would dictate that nearly all the time, at least one valve should be below the skirt. But OHHHH NOOOOOO, not for me!


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Tim Maddux said:
Pick your car up at the back and rotate both rear wheels 180 degrees. Then lower it carefully so the wheels don't rotate any further.

Now, every time you look at your rear wheels, both stems will be pointing down.

Ha! You would think that both rear wheels make the same exact number of revolutions each time I drive, since it is usually the same route. Yeah...that must be it.
Tim Maddux said:
This thread has become tiresome.
Oof, that was painful.

Hold the presses!!! One of the valves was visible, AND reachable, yesterday! Should have bought a lottery ticket... :p
Ha Ha Ha!!!! That would have made a good Bean skit...

I just gave up and usually take the skirts off....
Don't think this exists? OK try this on for size:

I wash my car, and remove the wheel skirts to clean the wheels, etc.

I drive the car back in the garage, with the skirts still off, to dry it.

I decide to check the tires while the skirts are off, because the valves always end up underneath them, right? WRONG.

With both skirts removed, the valves on both sides end up at the bottom of the wheel. :roll:

"If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all..."
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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