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Hello all I recently purchased this 2002 CVT with 177k vin #0391. Has been an amazing car so far hasn’t had any issues so far other the typical water leak, rear hatch gears must be stripped out, and jerkiness when I purchased the car but cleared up completely after trans fluid changes and reburnish + cleaning EGR plate. No IMA or check engine lights so far. Would like to keep the car on the road for many years to come.

A few of the things I’ve done so far

cleaned the EGR plate & pcv valve
changed the oil 4 times to flush all the old crud out.
Civic arm rest a friend had laying around
Coolant change with OEM honda coolant
2 cvt fluid changes with Honda CVT fluid
Honda air and cabin filter
Proper OEM B spark plugs

Things that need to be addressed or plan on purchasing

Going to need front pads soon. No problems out of them but they’re getting low in life
Speedo calibration module I’ve been reading about on here (car is on a 175/75/14)
Timing tensioner leaking oil
Grid charger
Killer3cylider underbelly tray & front and rear springs
Gaz rear shocks
Plan to go ahead and replace the radiator, thermostat, and hoses

Any suggestions on anything else to keep the car going and reliable for long distance trips? Gaskets, bushings, etc
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Welcome!! That G1 is Lookin' Good! 👌
Nice work on the armrest adaptation. Say, is the 'CSM' reference related to the ole Mitsubishi Colt/Summit/Mirage niche? 😎
Have Fun,
As a matter of fact it is! As I also have a 4g powered 89 Summit, 89 Colt GT turbo, and 95 Summit Wagon.
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