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My first mod.

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Got a 2000 silver recently.

Did my first mod, the day I got it. I took out the rear wiper motor & assembly. Savings of probably 5 lbs, and mabye a bit better drag coefficient. :lol:

Pics to come. :)
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Did you find the appropriate plug for it? If not I can look the part number up for you. I did the same thing.
Sorry for the delay's. I had foregotten what I did with the file I kept with the part numbers. Turns out it was on my old old laptop. Anyways, part numbers:

Plug (nut): 90301-SR3-000 *Note, I had these backwards, fixed now
Bolt (optional): 90156-SH3-000

I honestly would recommend not getting their bolt as it's way too long and you'll end up having to use a fat stack of washers to make it work. Just get the plug which I think is ~$15 and take it to a hard ware store and find a suitable bolt. I believe it's a 6mm bolt. You'll use the stock rubber seal that goes around the wiper arm. Then get two washers so that when you tighten the bolt it puts pressure on the rubber seal

When dissassembling the area around the rear wiper there are some externally visable clips with a small circle in the center of them. If you press this little center in it will release the clip without breaking it.
Thanks for the correction, I just realized I did have those backwards. I'm going to fix the previous post.

If anyone wants, I can put together wiper removal kits if I get a few people interested.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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