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My first mod.

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Got a 2000 silver recently.

Did my first mod, the day I got it. I took out the rear wiper motor & assembly. Savings of probably 5 lbs, and mabye a bit better drag coefficient. :lol:

Pics to come. :)
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Rick, please post the # for the plug. I would like to have it also. I did a search for rear,wiper,plug and found it was for a 96 civic but no part#.
Stopped by the dealer yesterday to order the plug. He (svc mgr) advised the number I gave him:
Plug: 90156-SH3-000
was too long a number, so I told him it was off a 96 civic and we looked it up on his pc and I believe we settled on the one from the Civic VX as mentioned by Cosworth. For 2bucks and change I told him to get it and we'll find out. When I pick it up tomorrow I will repost with the part#. Took Rick advise and didn't order any bolt(s).
Rick wrote:
Sorry for the delay's. I had foregotten what I did with the file I kept with the part numbers. Turns out it was on my old old laptop. Anyways, part numbers:

Plug: 90156-SH3-000
Bolt: 90301-SR3-000

I honestly would recommend not getting their bolt as it's way too long and you'll end up having to use a fat stack of washers to make it work. Just get the plug which I think is ~$15 and take it to a hard ware store and find a suitable bolt..................
I gave up on my dealer and did some searching on the net and discovered the
is the part # you need to get to get the job done.

I ordered from one of the online Honda Parts Dealers.
Honda's part # 90301-SR3-000
Honda's Description NUT, RR. (6MM)

I just used one of the bolts that was removed from the wiper mount. It is the right thread. I did have to use a fender washer along with it though.
Just posting for clarification and future reference.
Took some detailed pics. If that might help someone, send me a PM.
(EDIT) For the record the rear wiper motor and blade have a combined weight of 2 lbs. 9 oz.
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1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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