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My Insight Got Rear Ended-CEL Light On!

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Driving home from work the night before Thanksgiving I was waiting at a stop light when a little old lady in a Chrysler that's way too big for her rear ended me. I estimated her speed to be about 20 mph. I got out and inspected my car and it appeared to be okay. Just to be on the safe side I got the insurance information from the other driver as well as her license plate number before starting back on my way.

Within a block of leaving the scene of the collision I smelled a strong odor of raw gasoline and about a mile later my CEL light came on. I got the car home and looked for a fuel leak but found nothing wrong. Fortunately the car is having the catalytic converter replaced under warranty and was already scheduled to go to the dealer early next week for that work so I'll have it checked out for component damage as well.

I welcome your opinions and thoughts as to whether some running components of the car might have been damaged in this collision.

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Rick Reece said:
Hopefully you got a police report of the accident. Otherwise the insurance claim would be more difficult. Have fun, RIck
Thanks Rick. Police report isn't required in my state unless the amount of damage is $500 or more. A visual inspection of the car after the accident indicated no damage. I'm not particularly worried about dealing with the other driver's insurance company because that's part of what I do for a living as an attorney.
Again, a happy ending. My Insight was inspected for damage by the dealer and none was found. The catalytic converter and O2 sensors were replaced free of cost by the dealer as was the right side splash apron that the tech apparently forgot to put all the screws in when I had my oil changed last month.

My Insight drives better than ever, and I've reset the lmpg to correspond with the converter replacement. I've noticed that the cumulative mileage display doesn't change quite as frequently as it did before and has been steadily going up since I picked up the car. Right now it's at 48. 4 but I expect it will get better. :D
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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