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My Problems

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My first problem was the radiator leaked fluid the first day of ownership. Dealership ordered and replaced it under warranty. Then it took them 2 weeks to get it filled properly. They kept telling me it could have air in it and needed burping. After I watched them fill it again (incorrectly I might add), I told them how the service manual says to do it (buy one from Helm's). I was upset at having to return it so many times. Well next thing I know they have like 3 guys looking under the hood. And guess what, now the fluid stayed at the correct level. Man do I hate dealership service!

I had the rear headliner problem. Sagging near the top of the rear hatch. Dealership replaced it under warranty.

Also had the black plastic piece on top of the rear of the hatch become loose. Dealership replaced it under warranty.
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