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alright, after some fussing and alot of trying to figure out what the previous owner had wired, heres my stereo set up in my

insight: (the Kenwood is running my sub, and the Fosgate is running my door speakers)

here they are in the back of my car: ... C_0428.jpg ... C_0429.jpg ... C_0430.jpg ... C_0431.jpg

with the cover on: ... C_0433.jpg ... C_0434.jpg

the sub in the back of the car, it fits really nicely and doesnt move around at all: ... C_0435.jpg ... C_0436.jpg ... C_0437.jpg
(^ as you can see, it barely blocks the view through that window)

the door speakers: ... C_0438.jpg ... C_0442.jpg

the behind the seat speakers: ... C_0440.jpg ... C_0441.jpg

the wiring(very nicely done i might add): ... C_0443.jpg ... C_0444.jpg

view from the outside of the car(it doesnt look too bad i dont think): ... C_0447.jpg ... C_0448.jpg ... C_0449.jpg

it sounds pretty nice, not as bass-y as i had hoped, but its alot better than it was
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