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it was May 2017 and finally we got to England!
It was quite a distance from south Germany but it was worth it. :)

So what can i tell you guys and gals!? If you got a bad/old batt stack in your Insight and you are in the reach of Peter just visit him!
He is a nice guy with a LOT of experience! All the "work" took maybe 2 hours. Included of course a lot of talking!!!
Of course i was the "slave" and the "helping hand" but Peter knows every bolt, every trick, every screw in the back of the Insight.

Peter is like "Yoda"! He just knows stuff!!!
I also got a IMAC&C P&P from him. The installation is simple. Just connect it to the ODBIIC&C, update the software and thats`s it.
The new battery, the IMAC&C P&P changed my Insight!!! This is a diferent car now. More power for MUCH longer! That`s something you don`t wanna miss any more. The IMAC&C P&P is something you get addicted to!
Until now i do have the little joystick hanging loose into the cabin but i can operate it if i want.

I thought about installing it into my stearing wheel but i guess it will be installed to the lower part of the central column of the car.
At the moment i still don`t have the exact plan how to do it and where exactely to place it. My main problem is how to get the little circuit board on wich the joystick is mounted properly in place. It has to be very tightly/rigidly put in place because i will be operating this system a LOT in the future.
If there is some guys out there with some installation ideeas i`ll be glad to hear/see them.

I don`t want to bore you all to death that`s why i close this post with a big "THANK YOU PETER"!
It was a pleasure to meet you! All the BEST for you!

Best of wishes from Zeno!

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You are welcome. Nice to meet you both...

Joystick is always a bit tricky...
I'm sure you will come up with a good solution.
Please post it when you do...
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