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TRENTON - The New Jersey Turnpike Authority voted yesterday
[May 4, 2006] to allow fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles to use the
turnpike's high-occupancy lanes.

Gov. Corzine had requested the move last week as part of efforts
to encourage consumers to be more fuel-efficient. Hybrids run on
a combination of gasoline and battery electricity and get more
miles to the gallon than traditional vehicles.

The turnpike, which handles an average of 700,000 drivers daily,
has HOV lanes only between Interchange 11 in Woodbridge and
Interchange 14 in Newark.

Currently, cars using the lanes must have at least three occupants.
Motorcycles and buses also may drive there. The northbound lanes
are open 6 to 9 a.m. weekdays and the southbound lanes 4 to 7 p.m.
weekdays.- AP

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now all we need in NJ is a discount on those nasty turnpike tolls!

This is great, though - I need to look into whether or not I need a sticker. I usually have a reverse commute but I might need the HOV lane *sometime!*
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