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Oh sorry I think y'all misunderstood, the voltage divider isn't powering the arduino, it's there for the arduino to measure the voltage. The Arduino would get power from the IMA fan +12v line.
A voltage divider connected to the BCM fooler tap output wires will still affect the tap voltages. :(

If you want to use a divider use a big one across the entire pack to bring your voltage down.

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I have some of these relays laying around. Is this safe to use as a relay for my Arduino to break the connection for my grid charger? I have a 0.35 amp LED driver, LPC-100-350 for my grid charger. The relay says 250VAC 2 amps, but the grid charger is obviously a DC supply.
Assuming the specs listed on the link are accurate
That linked spec does list "2A rated current , 220VDC or 250VAC" .. it but it also list a 60VA/W power limit as well.

I'd interpert that .. that all 3 each compound the application max
all else being equal .. max of 2A
all else being equal .. max of 220VDC , 250VAC
all else being equal .. max of 60VA/W
If all of those followed .. they list a 10 million operation MTBF.

The 0.35A you listed is well under the 2A limit , so amps alone should be fine.
The 172VDC you listed for a cut off .. is also well under the 220VDC .. so volts alone should be fine.

But .. 0.35A x 172VDC = 60.2W .. while they claim a power limit of 60VA/W
So either amps alone or volts alone you are well under . but both together you a little tiny bit (~0.3%) over.

I suspect that it will work .. but you will shorten the MTBF .. and you won't be likely to see the full OEM listed 10 million operations MTBF .. I don't know by how much .. maybe enough that you care .. or maybe not enough for you to care .. you aren't way beyond the spec , only ~0.3% , and only on poer , not either amps or volts alone .. and 10million MTBF is a rather large number of operations .. for example, if you only got 10,000 operations out of it , and you used it 2 times per day (1 connect , 1 disconnect) , that would still be ~13 years to reach only ~10,000 operations.

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They cost like 2 dollars and I have a few so I've definitely not got to worry about wearing them out over time.


This is me testing and calibrating the arduino on the work bench today. I'm almost ready to solder everything together. I'll have that little display attached somwhere where you can see it when you go to charge the IMA.
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