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Hello all. Glad to say hello to folks who drive interesting / special hybrids from Honda.

Maybe you can help us make sense of an unusual situation with the OEM navigation system. Car was bought new: 2013 Honda Insight EX with Navigation. Car has had no problems.

My mother reports the following:

1. Entered specific residential address into the nav unit

2. Began driving as normal; followed nav directions as normal

3. Suddenly, while nearing the regional airport, the nav unit displays the airport as the chosen destination; nav unit begins providing instructions to the airport

4. Mom says that she never selected the airport as a destination -- not for this trip and not ever in the life of the car; the airport address has nothing in common with the chosen residential address in point 1, above

5. Mom says that she subsequently turned off the nav unit until she had passed the airport; switching back on the nav unit, she was able to proceed to her original destination.

Has anybody reported experience with the nav unit (a) dropping a chosen destination and (b) replacing the chosen destination with an alternative destination, seemingly at random?

We are aware that the nav unit shows, say, chain stores out of order (ie: it shows you locations that are far away, instead of ones that are nearby). But that's not what we're talking about.

My opinion is that:

- mom may have accidentally and unknowingly touched the steering wheel controls for the nav unit and/or

- the nav unit was never sending her to the airport; it simply chose a different way to her original destination -- a way that was different to what she had expected (you know: because new or modified highways not reflected in the nav system)

Happy holidays. Any thoughts on the above would be appreciated.


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I do not have the built-in navigation - I prefer the hassle of having a loose, but cheap TomTom with maps that are always up-to-date - but I have experienced problems like that on my previous GPS.

Most of them came down to map errors.
Specifically when a road is exempt from traffic; they often set the max allowed speed for that road to 0 so no unit would select it.
Except they made a mistake and set the distance to 0 rather than the max speed.

So on a motorbike holiday, instead of keeping me on the Route National that went straight through a French town, my Garmin made me turn right and lead me into a shopping mall that went more or less parallel to the road...

Another route took me into the Vercors; steep mountain route with sweeping corners.
The GPS made me skip one of them for a very narrow tarmac road which soon deteriorated to an over 30% steep rock trail.
It was the hairiest road I ever took.
After just 400 m it branched back into the road I was on before, but cutting about 100 meters off the total length.

In the French Alps the population density is extremely low. There are two types of valleys there: those that have a road and those that do not.
If you cannot see where the valley ends you know you will not have a junction before that.
So I was very surprised when on a road snaking along a very steep slope the GPS said: "Turn right in 800 m".
Err, what? Mountain wall on the left, deep drop on the right, and it goes on like that for miles to come. "Turn right in 400 m."
It only gets steeper now, where is that road? "Turn right in 160 m."
Hey, there's a waterfall. "Turn right here".
The road bridges a small stream that drops down the abyss in another waterfall that joins into the stream below. Which the map shows as a river all right, but now has the thick purple line of the planned route.
I stubbornly let my Honda ST1100 follow the road instead and forced my GPS into recalculating the route for the 100th time :)

I found I could reduce incidents like these by setting the preferred route calculation to fastest route instead of shortest. I had done the latter to get more picturesque routes, but got more than I bargained for.

But I really loved having a GPS.
I planned the routes as best as I could through what I expected to be the most beautiful regions of France, but if I got bored with where I was driving and I saw an interesting road meandering through a forest or up a mountain I would ignore the planned route and just go there.
Usually the GPS would recalculate the route and help me through the new road, and only if it kept telling me to turn round for 5 miles or more would I give in and do so, but that rarely happened.

Bottom line; you always need to know your route and think ahead.
When in doubt do what is safe and reasonable instead of following instructions.

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I've had my Nav act up, but usually it will say something along the lines of "Disk Read Error" and then just lock up until you restart the car. I've never encountered it changing destinations, but then again I hardly use it as I find it unreliable. Sorry I can't be of more help.
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