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Hi all,

Some POS cut out my rear cat and downstream 02 sensor in half. I have a guessed it, insight (CVT) - it was manufactured with a CARB compliant secondary catalytic converter (herein CC). I recently graduated college and haven't found a job yet, so I cant quite afford all OEM parts. The mechanic I'm using gave me these quotes for the OEM parts:

$1498.38 - secondary CC (CARB)
$592.22 - downstream 02 sensor - 36532-RB0-004
$386.54 - rear exhaust pipe assembly - 18220-TM8-003
$43 - 2 gaskets
$40 - CC cover

That's a grand total of ~$2560. My questions come from me not wanting to junk my car! I want the cheapest options that work well. Not trash, not stupid expensive.

1) Do I even need a CARB CC if I won't register my car in cali? I was told that my car would run differently (that's fine), but that it may mess with the computer somehow (I cant pass future emissions tests if I have a computer error right? no bueno).

2a) If I need the CARB CC: Has anyone successfully installed an aftermarket CARB CC? My research suggests magnaflow is the best aftermarket option.
2b) If I can use a 49 state non-cali CC - Has anyone successfully installed an aftermarket CC?

3) Any suggestions on the downstream 02 sensor? It seems Denso has a good middle of the line one. I'm not paying $600 for a damn 02 sensor...

4) any other advice in general? I have access to a shop and handy friends to help me modify any parts if needed (not sure if I should do the full repair myself tho)

I appreciate any help at all! I dont want to trash my car over this :cry:
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