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Need help locating a screw for the rear wheel cover Online

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I am looking for a screw for the rear wheel cover.

I know I can purchase these screw at the dealership, but I go to UF(University of Florida) and the dealership is about 30 minutes from my location, and I am helping conduct research on planets, and not much time to drive all the way over there. Does anyone know of site online in which I may purchase a screw. Thank You
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Yes, I keep a couple of extras. I purchased them at which is Majestic honda in providence, RI. The half-turn bolt is about 9 dollars. Billy...
Hi Arsenic, It is located under the heading "MOLDING" and it's called a fastener for wheelhouse spats, and the price is $10.57. Billy....
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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