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Need help locating Custom Fiberglass, and AirBrushing

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i live in orlando, fl. I am looking for a place that does custom airbrush, and fiberglass... the airbrush i need like a HALO battle scene, or halo 2 design airbrushed onto the fiberglass.
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beau_safken said:
Yellow Pages.... :?:
I think Arsenic1250 is smart to ask for referals. Besides, it might be different with an aluminum body.
I didn't mean to make a smart-alike answer. When I have work done for making motor mounts I drop the yellow pages and just go to all the places physically and look at their operations. I had to get a tranny mount for my civic done up after my engine swap. I used this method and found a place that has since been my machining shop.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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