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Hey fellow Insighters! I've been reading, studying, and wanting an Insight since they came out. I finnaly took the plunge and bought a beautiful Red 2000 model on e-bay. It arrived yesterday. I was incredibly excited.

Unfortunately my excitement did not last long as the battery does not seem to be charging. I took it to the dealer this morning. After the dealer spent all day on the phone trying to figure out what to do, they reset something, charged it up and $90 later I was on my way.

Well they didn't fix it. Basically the battery will charge a little when I'm going the right speed, but it does not charge at all when I'm braking. Isn't that when the bulk of the charging is meant to take place? The scary thing is (from reading this web site for so long) I knew signifcantly more about the Insight than the guys at the dealer.

Any guesses as to what the problem is? I know the battery has an 8 year warranty, but I am assuming the dealer will be very reluctant to honor that. Secondly, what recource would I have through e-bay?

Any help would be appreciated. I have wanted a hybrid for so long and am very disappointed to start things out this way.


Mike Mush
Fort Smith, Arkansas
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