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Heya All! :D

Im in Australia and Im thinking about buying a bright red insight(2001) BUT i would love to add some new wheels!!! maybe 15" or 16" if they fit! does anyone know where i can order these from??(anywhere in the world if they ship internationally!) PLEASE HELP!!! i really want new rims!!!
Thank you all so much!
Peter :D

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The mechanical parts (axel,center, bolts,..) are similar to the Civic. So any Civic rim will be a direct bolt on. So any local "speed shop" store could get those.

But you need to check the offset. To make sure the "probably wider" rim will be centered onto the axel.

The tires will be wider too. I remember someone had put 205 width but he had a good loss of MPG.

I have 185/60R14 and there is no clearance problem. But few MPG loss.
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