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New 2005 Insight!!!

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Hi friends; 4 days ago I sold my 2003 5 spd (silver) to a buddy of mine. I ONLY did this to make room for my new one! I sold it for a good price, and I am assisting him with the learning curve on both driving for economy, and do it yourself maintenance.
I am excited about my new Insight, to be built in Japan on Jan 4. Yesterday I visited my dealer in the Seattle area, and he showed me the computer printout from Honda of North America, showing the specifics of the car. First, there are VERY few being made this model year. I chose a RED 5 spd, because red can be polished to a higher shine, for displaying at car shows next summer. I hope to drive it as a hyper-miler, with at maintaning at least 87 LMPG. Wow, perhaps I will be the only person on my block to have purchased 3 Insights brand new!
But for now, I am Insightless, and very sad. I have temporarily resigned myself to achieving sort of high mpg in my Nissan Pickup, by over inflating the tires, slowing down and lets see.........should I remove the right side mirror? Gee, how do I get lean burn in this thing..........Billy....
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Hope Honda is giving you a Insight Owner Loyality rebate. Have fun, Rick
Yeah, that would be nice. The truth is, I will have to pay at or close to sticker price, being this will the the only one the dealer has.... Billy....
Hi Billy:

___Congrats indeed! I am very interested in your break-in FE (first 5,000 miles or so) given I didn’t have to run mine through that nightmare. With your 2 previous Insight’s for experience and the fact you had very high lmpg’s in both, I can bet by mid-summer, you will be pushing 90 +! Don’t forget to take and post pics of the 05’s interior as there are so few floating around here with the incorporated changed headrest as well as the interior color changes.

___I now know whose Insight will be displayed at the Smithsonian in 50 or so years and it will probably be cleaner then the day you received it from the dealer ;)

___In case anyone hasn’t followed some of Bill’s exploits, Billy’s Insight’s have had their rims cleaned from the inside on many occasions! Talk about perfect condition :)

___Good Luck and keep us up to date.

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:asy52n6x][email protected][/email:asy52n6x]

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The Smithsonian? Hardly; but I do plan to keep the car CLEAN by avoiding driving on wet roads, and regularly wiping down the underside, engine, wheels, etc. I hope to display @ 20 or more car shows next summer. I will not switch to synthetic oil until after break-in.

We all have our reasons for owning this type of car. I confess, I am an Insight "nut". I love the shape of the body, the advanced technology, and the low fuel burn on long trips. To me, it represents a freedom, that I can take a trip and not sweat about fuel costs.

Also, I really enjoy meeting other people who are interested in the car. (especially fellow Insight owners) I appreciate all of you sharing so much information on this site! I learn something new almost every time I log on! Billy.......
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