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Hello all,

Joined up a few days ago when I got more serious about buying an Insight. I was debating between Gen 1 and 2. I like quirky, offbeat cars so the Gen 1 really appeals to me :), but ultimately decided the extra seats are important.

So yesterday I met a seller with a 2010 EX Insight in a dark gray color. She was the original owner, had all the service records (at least 4 CVT fluid changes in the first 100K miles) and overall the car looks good. She used it for a longish daily commute, car now has 137K miles. Still drives nice, looks like everything works. She was asking $4,000 and accepted $3,600. Brought it home, got it titled and licensed yesterday.

Today it's time for a wash, interior clean out and wax if I have time! Glad to be here, looking forward to learning more about the Insight. I'll post pics when I have enough posts that I'm allowed!

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