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I replaced the pads and rotors and the brake fluid on my 2000 just after I bought it. It had 36,000 miles on it and really didn't need to have everything replaced, but I'm a brake nut.

I would certainly replace BOTH rotors and the pads. It's not that hard to do. But I found that like other aspects of this car the work can be done better by someone with a little finesse. For instance on of my new rotors had a tiny bit of runout but after being rotated 180 degrees that was minimized and no knuckle dragging mechanic is going to take the time to do that unless the runout is over tolerance.

The fact that you have more wear on one side than the other is not good. You might have a sticky caliper on that side.

Oh, and also I find the brake components a bit on the wimpy side on Insights. I think the engineers designed them expecting drivers to use the regenerative braking on slow grades. Could be you're not taking full advantage of the car's ability to slow itself. 26K for brake wear is not too good.

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