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Always show and tell

When they are telling you such stuff, make 'em prove it.
All the brake pads I've ever done that had wear indicators (Volvo, BMW, Saturn, Toyota,ETC.) they were on BOTH sides of the sets. There is NO such thing that I've ever run across, as pads with wear indicators on one side or the other only. :roll:
Such dramatically short pad life usually come from folks driving automatic trans cars and using their left foot for braking. The foot gets tired of 'hovering' over the pedal, so "I'll just rest it 'lightly' on the pedal". But ANY contact of the pedal transmits down to the pads, even so slightly, that will wear out soft pads like on Volvo's, in a snap. Course, on an Insight, that would have the regen going a lot!

Next thing would be really hard, 'last second' style braking ( like my sweet wife :roll: ). Been harping on that for 30 years :D
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