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new car

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so i'm thinking of getting a new(used) car, and i've been really looking to the insight as my new purchase. i'm just curious on if its as great of a car as it seems. so if you could comment about any problems or why i shouldn't get this car, do so. thanks in advance

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I just bought mine yesterday from A Honda dealership in Nanuet, NY. I found a 2000 Manual silver Insight with 27K miles. The drive of 50miles back from the dealer, I averaged 57MPG just coming down the Thruway and Route 287 (very hilly), so Im loving it. I did about 65MPH on the highway, so slower would have made the MPG higher. I have a grin still on my face and can't wait to get out and drive it some more! I think I used about a gallon so far and the tank is still mostly full!

If you're not into speed, or being in a hurry to get to your desitnation, pick up an Insight before the gas prices hit 2.50!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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