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Hi All:

___I just received a phone call from a long lost acquaintance that saw me posting in this very forum. He went to the same grade school as I did almost 30 years ago! After speaking for 20 + minutes with him, I found out he worked at the same plant I did (before I began working at that particular site), worked for the same company (of course), and is now happily retired. The common connection? Both of us now own Insight’s :D

___He has been a gas mileage enthusiast for well over 15 years and just recently had the opportunity to replace his Civic Hatch (200 + thousand miles w/ an ~ 46 mpg lifetime) with his own Insight 5-speed (63 to 72 lmpg over the last year or so). He was also an avid bicyclist for years and was even car-less for a period of time which is about the best thing one could do in this day and age.

___Hey Scott, it was great talking to you and please feel free to drop me an E-Mail from your sisters PC anytime soon.

___Like lightning out of the blue …

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:17u2epj3][email protected][/email:17u2epj3]
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