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New Guy!

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hey gang! meet the new guy. i just bought a 2000 silver insight from a friend of mine. the car was in a wreck, and rather than mess with it, he bought a new one, and sold me the crunched one. its not too bad. he was sitting at a light behind a pickup, and the lady coming up to the line of cars at the light just didnt bother to stop. she hit the back of the insight and shoved it under the pickup. the rear bumper got crushed, as did the trunk well. the rear bumper of the pickup slid over the top of the insights front bumper, shearing off the two top mounting tabs, and taking out the hood and the left fender, and the radiator support. thats it! not too bad, considering. i have already replaced the rear bumper/cover, banged out the trunk well, and replaced the fender. just have to order a hood and the radiator support. everything else seems to work fine. the engine runs and charges the batteries. new tires and a state inspection and its good to go!

looking forward to sharing lots of info on the board.

andy g.

oh yeah: the worst part: coffee stains everywhere!!! my friend has learned to use a cup with a lid :)
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Sounds rather like what happened to me, though worse. I only had scratches on the front. Insurance company (not mine, the guy that hit me) wanted to total it... for about 60% of what a similar used one goes for.
For those coffee stains: ... r&sku=G-94

And if it doesn't work as you expect they'll give you your money back. You should be able to find it at local auto parts stores.

Welcome to the forum, and sounds like you lucked out. If the truck hit the car such that the main crash supports up front wern't damaged then you should be good to go. Let us know how the repairs go.
james: looks like the insurance companies are getting lazy. too odd, or too tough to fix and they just toss it on the pile. disposable cars. never did like that idea. i tend to keep my cars a long time.

rick: i'm goning to try plain water first and see what it does. then on to the hard stuff ;) as for the crash supports, they are fine. i ordered the hood and radiator support structure today. $480 or so. junk yards wanted MUCH more for used parts?!?!?

the other thing i had to fix was a small, coolant-heated (that sounds strange) box behind the radiator. one of the nipples was bent over and leaking at the box. i removed the nipple, tapped the hole to 1/8" pipe, and put in a threaded hose nipple. works fine!

thats it for now. gotta run.

andy g.
"...the insurance companies are getting lazy. too odd, or too tough to fix and they just toss it on the pile."

It has to be something more than that with these guys. First, it doesn't really NEED fixing. I drove it for two months after the crunch, and will be driving it again when I get back to the US. Just need to replace the rear glass (got some heavy vinyl there now), a taillight, and the plastic bumper cover. Hell, I even offered to take less cash than they offered me, as long as I kept the car, but no.
update on the project:

ordered a set of tires: sumitomo htr-200. i know, mpg penalty, etc. but since this will be an all-weather car (except snow), i really want to keep it actually ON the road. reading the info here and the reviews on and the pleading from my friend who sold me the car, i just figured i would be better off with tires that grip a bit better. and they are rated at 51 psi, so i can pump them up and not worry too much about them.

i swapped the stereo head unit, sub and sub amp from my old daily driver (an '88 jeep grand wagoneer. 11-13 mpg!!!) and stole the 6x9s in boxes from my boat to go in the back for now. the head unit is spliced into the factory harness. the 6x9s are wired to the rear speaker harnesses. the sub amp is powered from the front battery, through a fuse up front. no visable wires except where everything comes out from under the rear carpet. next up is a set of replacement speakers for the doors, and put the 6x9s back in the boat.

hope to get all the parts this week, along with the tires. should be on the road by next monday.

andy g.
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oh yeah: i'm working on a high-mounted brake light. not high-mounted as in an inch above the regular brake lights, but right below the roof line. gonna try 6 bright red LEDs on a piece of sheet aluminum attached to the roof just in front of the rear window. the LEDs should end up between the level of the rubber hatch seal and the grey headliner material. they will be above my line of sight from the driver's seat, but visible from the back under the black-out at the top of the rear window. pics if it works! :)

andy g.
You could have saved some money on the Sumitomos. I have a set with only a few thousand miles on them. They came on the car and I went to the RE 92's.
yeah, i know. i saw the post a day or two after i ordered them. dont worry, i kicked myself so the wife didnt have to. ;) i just hope they dont kill my mpgs too much. i have a 35 minute commute, 1/2 highway, 1/2 4-lane with about 6-8 stoplights. i plan to keep up with traffic (65-70) on my way to work, and cruise about 60 on the way home (no traffic at midnight). not much in the way of hills. hoping to get about 60-65 mpg.

we shall see.....

andy g.
Where you'll see the biggest difference is under acceleration and climbing hills. I think it is doable, but around town I get around 65mpg or so with the Bridgestones. On the highway with the Sumitomos I would max out at about 70-72mpg (mostly rolling hills, not much flat) and now I'm getting 82-85mpg with the Bridgestones. Work on your acceleration technique and hopefully you can time the lights and you'll probably be near your target mark. I am assuming you have a 5 speed.
Good luck with it and if you need some spares, let me know.
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