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New high mpg in my CVT!!

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I'm sure many of you hypermiles will not be that impressed, but I got 74 mpg the other day on my way home. Yeah!!! I was excited. I ususally average around 53 mpg. I purchased my Insight to travel in the carpool lane so my speed is usually in the 60-80 mph which doesnt get the highest mpg. The other day I was really late going home so I missed the carpool hours and having very high winds on the San Mateo bridge and drafting with the trucks I did mangage to get 74. My old high was 68
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I thnik that most people invision drafting ala Nascar. ANd when someone "twitches" on the track we all know what happens. :shock:

However, a slight variation sometimes referred to in here as surfing is safe and effective in improving MPG. Use the 3 second rule (almost identical to 1 car length / 10 MPH) behind a semi and you can "feel" the buffeting of his wake, and watch the MPG indicator climb.

Best of both worlds :)

But the drive is a bit harsher (all the buffeting). And here in the hills of east Tennessee my rollercoastering of the hills for peak MPG dosen't sync with an 80,000lb semi so any sustained surfing usually has an MPG penalty. ;)
Resist said:
But if you are at a legal safe distance then you aren't drafting and don't get the mileage results.
True, you only get partial results. Better than nothing :!: :p
The 3 second rule or 1 car length / 10 MPH is a "safe" distance. Check any Driver's Ed book. ;)

True, more distance may be safer and _required_ if road conditions aren't dry. But if your not paying attention to the car in front of you then any distance, no matter how great isn't safe.

Drafting by definition is too close and _not_ safe.

Surfing on dry pavement and not closer than the above can be safe.
Guess that means y'all get to "draft" everywhere you go. :twisted:

And I thought NASCAR was just a southern good o'l boys thing. :p
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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