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New high mpg in my CVT!!

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I'm sure many of you hypermiles will not be that impressed, but I got 74 mpg the other day on my way home. Yeah!!! I was excited. I ususally average around 53 mpg. I purchased my Insight to travel in the carpool lane so my speed is usually in the 60-80 mph which doesnt get the highest mpg. The other day I was really late going home so I missed the carpool hours and having very high winds on the San Mateo bridge and drafting with the trucks I did mangage to get 74. My old high was 68
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Scott said:
How do you maintain the "3 second, 1car length/10mph" rule in moderate to heavy traffic? Here in CT, every time you attempt to maintain this distance, some other moron feels you have created this space just for him/her. Then your choices are 1) slow down and risk being rear ended, 2) change lanes and begin the process all over again, or 3) drive in the far right lane at such a slow speed that everyone will pass you. Just curious what others have encountered?
Hey, another insight owner in CT! Neat, I haven't seen one in years.

Anyway, that's so true for CT.. can't possibly be more than half a car lenght behind someone w/o some idiot squeezing in. CT drivers are nuts.
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