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Hi liebkid and welcome to the forum. :)

The misfire / hesitation condition can be many things:

1) The normal NOx purge from regularly dropping out of lean burn.
2) EGR related, clean or replace. See:

EGR valve cleaning, instructions please ... php?t=1978

3) Or the worst with the greatest consequences (CAT damage) the primary O2(LAF) sensor going bad. See:

My 150,000km Insight Review ... 9&start=60

for one members extreme difficulty in finding a repair shop that knew what their doing. Testing a LAF type O2 sensor is an advanced knowledge task. Accurately diagnosing engine driveability problems such as your misfire can be a challange even for the most skilled mechanics.

There have been a couple other sporadic problems too. One member reported loose spark plugs (most likely improperly tightened after removal). Another had coil pack failures. See:

Forever... engine vibration ... php?t=4150

The main engine ground points tend to corrode in part due to the dissimilar metals and galvanic corrosion. When they totally fail you'll be walking, but as you approach this point all sorts of unusual drivability problems can develop. See:

Ground Cables Connection Mod ... php?t=3196

In regard to tires, any tire not closely matched to the same rev/mile as the OEM's will cause an additional error factor in both the odometer and MPG indicator. One member and moderator got together and did a comprehensive test in regard to one non OEM brand tire and MPG The loss was reported to be 12% :!: :shock: See:

Tire Comparison Test ... 38&start=0

HTH! :)
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