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Hey guys, I just got my new '03 5-sp insight. Not sorry that I did at all, very nice car as I knew it would. However, I got the base model w/out air conditioning as I wanted to finance the least amount as possible. For those that have had A/C installed after purchase, I was curious I was how much it generally costed including labor and such. I saw the a/c unit online for about 950.00 or so, do not recall the exact price. Also, do dealerships charge a lot of exact matching touch-up paint. Stupid dump truck flung debris in the air from hitting a bumb, and I was one of the many cars on the road that got whacked. Too too bad at all, but I do want to fill the ding it left and touch up the paint. Thanks for any info:) Peace
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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