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Hi guy's, it's been a while since I've visited this web site. As of end of January, I have finally moved out of my parents house and now on my own in Lakewood. Dad and I found a single one bedroom apartment catering to senior citizens and people with disabilities. I fit in the disability category and was approved for residency. Its a pretty sweet little complex and in a good neighborhood. My best friend used to grow up in this area and he says I got very lucky.
Since February, my parents sold their house in Parker and now living in Florida.
So now, after 40 some years, I am finally out in the wild enjoying life! Still love my awesome job at Safeway of two years, and developing a great friendship with a gorgeous customer of ours. :)
Life is good.
My Insight is still running strong, strong IMA, but not entirely happy with my black paint job. Even though lot's of others like it, we are our own worst critics.
Anyway, finally got new desktop computer up and running in my apartment and plan on doing some newsletters for my Insight's of the Rockies car club.
Cheers and nice to visit you guy's again!

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Good morning Mark,

Good to see you back on the forum. I was wondering where you had gone.

Thanks for the update on your life situation and that it is working out very well for you.

Hope to see you in June at the meet at Tom's.

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