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New Member From Leeds UK WELCOME

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Good afternoon,guys and ladies,

I signed up to this forum for wanting to know a bit more about insight, rather than reading reviews online from other companies and the reviews seem to be great.

Here is my situation, I am 23 and looking to buy an insight next year when i have available funds I'm from the Leeds area in the Uk, the insight seems to tick all the boxes for me, good mpg, good extras, big boot and cool styling. My dad owns a nissan leaf and a nissan e-nv200. I couldn't go for all electric because of traveling and wanting to drive where i wanted without worrying about miles, my dad also bought a toyota prius but he recommended me to have a look into the insight.

I would possibly be looking for the white insight not the top of the range with satnav as this is possibly too much money for me and I would like to maybe add this at a later date (aftermarket).

Great forum love reading how far these cars are spread out around the world, only one question do we have a Facebook group for the Honda insights for just the uk and if so can someone point me in the right direction or if we don't can we get one of these sorted out.

Thanks in advance guys Oh and how are we all loving the insights and any hints and tips for when I buy one !

Regards, James
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Hi James, welcome to the froum

Pre-facelift designations are SE, ES and EX, with a '-T' denoting Sat nav on the lower two trim levels (EX has nav standard).

I personally wouldnt go for a SE, as they have low spec (no cruise control especially). Thus a good ES from 2010 on would be a good choice.

Factory nav is average at best - depends if you really want it in the dash. Cheaper to buy a facory nav car than fit it later, but using a Tomtom or similar is likely more effective. The nav does not have reversing camera like the Prius, so also a consideration - and I believe the factory nav unit (made by Clarion) has poor FM reception.

No electric only, as IMA doesnt work like HSD. The car is lighter and slightly more traditional car-like than a Prius, with typical Honda handling (a good thing). Compared to the Prius 3, you could expect about 4mpg equivalent less on average. Urban 40 or so, motorway 55-68 or so. Road tax £10. It has an Eco mode button, which I find produces a jerky ride in town, thus I only use it on the motorway, and I take the 4-5mpg loss. Seat heaters on ES and EX result in a loss of 2-3 MPG per seat while on.

Things to watch out for: regular servicing by dealer almost a must, as the IMA system is warranted for 8 years with service history. The car needs CVT oil replaced every 2 years (a must). The car has 2 spark plugs per cylinder (8 total), and these are expensive and tricky to fit the rear bank I believe - they need changing at 100K or so I believe.

No other problems reported really, batteries, gearbox are all trouble free.

Get an ES without Nav with less than 60K, and you'll have a good car. Watch out for accident damage, as they are light and damage easily.

They are temperamental to a failing 12v lead acid battery, so note that too - that's a simple replacement at 5 years or so.

Crap in ice and snow on stock tyres.

The arm rest between the front seats is too low, and doesnt provide an elbow rest, and the cup holders are scarce and awkwardly placed. Rear vis can be poor at night, as the bar that splits the two rear winscreens can obscure the headlights of drivers behind.
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No problem.

I have an ES-T with optional leather (I bought it used). So that's also got the mediocre sat nav.

The EX added leather as standard (got that anyway), HID headlights and the mandatory headlight washers for them (pointless IMO, the normal headlights are good), and reverse parking sensors.

So i'm pretty near top spec - the only thing I would want is reverse sensors, but they dont prevent other people reversing in to you sadly.

You could add sensors, yes. Reversing camera would be good, but the number plate is on the tailgate, so wiring is a bit more painful.

There is now a reverse parking aid that sticks to the inside of the rear bumper, so no need for drilling anymore, or you could use the number plate mounted ones.

Not aware of a FB page in the UK, no, though not checked.

Also, there are 3 software updates available, you would want to ensure all these are done, as they improve IMA battery management - these are done as part of any dealer service.

Oh, and make sure you get the radio/ sat nav code when you get the car - otherwise that could be an awful pain.
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thank you great tips will keep this in mind when looking and buying allways good to have a bit of ammo/research before you buy. So you would recommend getting the es then adding whatever i wanted to it aftermarket.

Think we need to get one set up on Facebook if any admin here are from the Uk this would be great.
I would recommend getting an EX actually, but failing that an ES, Most of the SE's are ex-fleet.

From what I have seen there is about an £1000 premium from SE to EX, and that is definitely worth it. ES and EX are about £400 difference when I last checked.

I got mine with some minor damage to two doors and the rear bumper a for about 2K below list - and that was pure chance at the time. The EXs at the time were about £10k... I think I paid £7400 last year, 34K on the clock.

Mine is black - dont get a black one, it shows every mark and scratch, try and get a white one!
what were your guys mpg

at the moment i have a fiat punt that averages 30-35 mpg I live in Leeds and have to travel through the town every morning about a 20 min stop start traffic, would the honda insight be good on fuel for this as there are a lot of normal non hybrid cars that do good mpg, whats the advantages of hybrid.
Probably will get 40-45 on that trip. Big gains are on the M-way at about 67 mph... I get about 65mpg at that speed easily.
I'm in the UK and that was imperial gallons. 35-45 imperial MPG depending on economic mode status urban. 55 to 70 imperial MPG on the motorway at sensible pace and seed yes.
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