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New Member From Leeds UK WELCOME

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Good afternoon,guys and ladies,

I signed up to this forum for wanting to know a bit more about insight, rather than reading reviews online from other companies and the reviews seem to be great.

Here is my situation, I am 23 and looking to buy an insight next year when i have available funds I'm from the Leeds area in the Uk, the insight seems to tick all the boxes for me, good mpg, good extras, big boot and cool styling. My dad owns a nissan leaf and a nissan e-nv200. I couldn't go for all electric because of traveling and wanting to drive where i wanted without worrying about miles, my dad also bought a toyota prius but he recommended me to have a look into the insight.

I would possibly be looking for the white insight not the top of the range with satnav as this is possibly too much money for me and I would like to maybe add this at a later date (aftermarket).

Great forum love reading how far these cars are spread out around the world, only one question do we have a Facebook group for the Honda insights for just the uk and if so can someone point me in the right direction or if we don't can we get one of these sorted out.

Thanks in advance guys Oh and how are we all loving the insights and any hints and tips for when I buy one !

Regards, James
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Thank you so this would save me quite a bit then especially with the start stop is this mpg around the same as the Prius also can I ask why you guys choose the insight over the Prius
I have a gen. 1 Insight.

I have thought about the Prius 1.

- back seats. I do not need them.
- the Prius is a gas guzzler compared to the Insight.

- no trouble with the battery.

About Prius 2 vs. Insight 2: I assume that they do not differ much, but in fact I do not know.

If I had to choose, I would simply do a test drive with both of them and see which one is more comfy. Does the Insight 2 have a manual gearbox? Where I drive a manual gearbox is a plus although I love CVT automatic transmissions.
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1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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