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New member here, trying to decide if Insight is worth it

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Obviously, the Insight is worth it to the owners here, but I'm trying to decide if it will be worth it to me in my own personal circumstances.

I currently drive a Honda Del Sol, which is enjoyable especially during Spring and Fall, but I really want better gas mileage than the low 30's I'm getting with it. It cost me about 5 grand, but it's paid in full, and has so far not had any major problems at 140k miles. I'm currently a student with a very small commute, but for those roadtrips and trips home, it would be handy. I'm also moving to Houston for the summer where I'll have at least a 25 mile commute to work. The increased mileage of an Insight would be extra nice here.

I considered purchasing a used Insight until I read the forums here for a week or two. The general direction I was getting from owners was to buy new to get the warranty and possibly a tax break. I even called the dealer and found that I could have new one in two weeks if I pay a deposit. However, purchasing an Insight would require me taking out a loan, and I will be paying it at least until April 2007. Plus, from what I've read here, there won't be a tax credit for the 2006 Insight, and may or may not get a tax deduction.

So, while this will be a personal decision, I wouldn't mind some input from experienced Insight drivers (and possibly some individuals older and wiser than me). Is the better gas mileage worth getting into a car loan, and will the savings really pay for themselves in my case?
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all in all, gas prices are still fairly low so unfortunately gas mileage is an insignificgant cost in your overall ownership of the car.

car payments in general are not attractive for students. i think the insight can be worth is moreso than other cars because you will see savings at the pumps. when i bought my insight i also had a civic that i was still making payments on... the payment on the insight is $40 more per month... but i definatey save more than that per month... not much, but enough to justify the purchase.

it's much harder to justify a new car when you're not already making payments because the additional expense will not see relief in your gas savings for a long time... and that matters when you're in school.

so financially it's smarter to get one when your car dies or you get out of school...

of course college students are known for making poor decisions :lol:

there are much worse thing you could do than buy an insight. i were in your place i'd probably buy an insight anyway because it's the most fun car i've ever owned- even though it puts extra finantial burden on me...
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