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New member here, trying to decide if Insight is worth it

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Obviously, the Insight is worth it to the owners here, but I'm trying to decide if it will be worth it to me in my own personal circumstances.

I currently drive a Honda Del Sol, which is enjoyable especially during Spring and Fall, but I really want better gas mileage than the low 30's I'm getting with it. It cost me about 5 grand, but it's paid in full, and has so far not had any major problems at 140k miles. I'm currently a student with a very small commute, but for those roadtrips and trips home, it would be handy. I'm also moving to Houston for the summer where I'll have at least a 25 mile commute to work. The increased mileage of an Insight would be extra nice here.

I considered purchasing a used Insight until I read the forums here for a week or two. The general direction I was getting from owners was to buy new to get the warranty and possibly a tax break. I even called the dealer and found that I could have new one in two weeks if I pay a deposit. However, purchasing an Insight would require me taking out a loan, and I will be paying it at least until April 2007. Plus, from what I've read here, there won't be a tax credit for the 2006 Insight, and may or may not get a tax deduction.

So, while this will be a personal decision, I wouldn't mind some input from experienced Insight drivers (and possibly some individuals older and wiser than me). Is the better gas mileage worth getting into a car loan, and will the savings really pay for themselves in my case?
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A used Insight might work for you.
Check eBay "completed listings" to see actual sale prices.
Private Parties sell on this forum and there are telltale signs of a good-condition used Insight.

"Honda Certified" cars exist and have some compelling features - but it's not an entirely slam-dunk decision, salesman slip thru some crappy stuff, and you still have to get a mechanical once-over done and bargain down their price.

I suppose you may be thinking only new car - but
for affordability, there are still lots of Honda CRX's out there for very short money ($2 - 5k) that not only have lots of life left but actually get 44-45 mpg - altho production stopped in '91. Many are hot-rodded up.

The big ticket item for Insight is this battery system. You can read up about it ad-infinitum here ... but bottom line is best buy will be a used one which has had a recent replacement of the hybrid (IMA) battery and related components.

Otherwise, it's a definite benefit to know you're consuming so little petrol, and polluting so little, and it's a conversation starter, etc. That intangible stretches the rational approach for many of us.
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