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Hi guys!

My name is Chad and I'm new to the boards. I have been a frequent visitor to these boards in the past. My Insight (#2720) is a 2000 Silverstone Metallic. I have a couple of modifications done. I have 15 inch mb motoring 272 wheels. i know some of you guys won't dig that but I still get around 63-64 mpg. I'm 22, and I love cars. To me, my car is about efficiency. Its about getting me home to my parent's house in Illinois on 2.5 tanks of gas. Over a period of four years, I have never loved a car more. It's reliable, fun, and an eye catcher. Anyways, with my car, I've been modding mine to show the teen generation of street racers, that there is a little mean monster in a 1.0 liter three-cylinder form :p

I'll leave you guys with some pictures of mine...

Thanks Again!
Chad T
2000 Insight 95K beautiful miles

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Hello Chad,

As a moderator,
I need to point out that the forum rules:
restrict the images size to 450x450 when using the like I modified above in your post
This is so that the forum can have a lower "tranfer rate" and prevent Max out (forum becomes unaccessible)
You can put the link only like:
So that it is the Web browser that will load the image without passing through the Insight Forum.
Thanks for understanding.

As a member:
Very nice wheels. What are the sizes (diameter, offset and width) and what tires are they. You seem to have the same rims in the back and the front has a very big concave shape. How does it fit with the rear spat.
Have you tried some lights under the car

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Yves M. said:
restrict the images size to 450x450 when using the
Sorry about that, I didn't know, but will take note in the future. I am using Kumho Ecsta 712 tires, size 195 50 15. At first I thought these wouldn't fit on the car as well. I'm not 100% sure on the offset, but I think it is 38. There is about 1/2 inch clearance between the skirt and the spokes of the wheel! When I had the stock wheels on I used to be able to wipe the entire wheel off without taking the skirts off, that's definitely not possible anymore.

I just moved to Denver about 3 weeks ago, from Indy. I figured I'd see more Insights here, but I haven't seen a single one yet. Tons of Priuses though. Does anyone have an opinion on the new Hybrid Ford Escape? That's coming out late September right?
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