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Hello Everyone!

Though I've been following this forum for several months, its not until i just got my 2001 Insight that I've decided to register.

My wife and I just brought home our 2001 CVT Insight with 93000 miles and 55.7 LMPG. Just yesterday, we also purchased a 2005 Toyota Prius (package 4).

After reading every word on this forum like it was my last, I don't have any questions but know that this car is a fun drive with no problems.
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Welcome. Enjoy your hybrids.
On of a gun! You folk don't fool around. :D Both of those are lovely cars in their own way. You just made a really big statement to the neighbours. :wink:
Yes - We are hoping this statement is loud and clear!
55.7 LMPG....Not bad at all for a CVT.
Hi Richard, Jennie and Boston,

Congratulations on the two hybrids! :D :D

We purchased our second hybrid about a month ago, when my husband's 87 Corolla needed replacement. Ours are both Insights. We've become more conscientious about asking one another if it's OK to drive, wash or work with the other's car. Who would have thought that hybids instilled good manners?!? :)

Congrats again and enjoy them both!
Why thank you Sputnik

With 2 Hybrids, my wife and I don't have to "retrain" ourselves when we drive each other's cars. So now we are both naturally conscience of our driving habits.
We're a 2 Insight family and couldn't be happier. Sometimes we dream of adding a silver and a green to the family....
Enjoy your cars!

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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