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It is Saturday, I can't believe it took me till 6.00 to write this, the auction was this morning... (Back in 2000 The Palm Beach County Health Department bought an Insight. Now that it is 7 years old it is being sold off at auction... since my mom works at the health department we knew when it was going to be there, and had been looking forward to it, having been hearing rumors for a year that it was going to be sold.)

The suggested minimum bid for the Insight was only $4,990! Crazy low. I was thinking it would be $8,000, but it could have been as high as $10,000, maybe more. I definitely wasn't expecting anything under $5,000. That made me feel like we could definitely get it for less than $7,000, but then we went out to where the cars were... there was a couple sitting in it when we came out, that instantly made me nervous. There were a lot of people checking it out, sitting in it, putting it through the gears and all that. There were a ton of people around when they started it up. More than a couple people revved the engine pretty high. Listening to people talk about it, you could tell most of them were just curious, but some seemed interested enough to bid on it. You could tell who didn't have a clue, but it was hard to tell if someone might really know what it was worth. After all, we certainly didn't want to make it look like we knew anything about it.
One person, for example, was asking why is was $4,990 and the person they were talking to said, "well you know, gas prices are really high, hybrids will be at a premium" if $4,990 was too high! Hahahhaha!

So we bid...


We went out to breakfast at the diner, I got blueberry pancakes with didn't cook around the blueberries so they had to make me more. By the time I got started eating my new pancakes everyone else was done. I was really too nervous to eat/feel hungry/get filled up/enjoy my meal.

We went back and waited for the winners to be annouced. The bidding was supposed to end at 11, but anyone who was in line to bid at 11 got to bid, so it took probably half an hour before the winners were announced. The Insight was on the third page. Lot number 4945... winning bidder 15760... the amount of $7,101 will be awarded. !!!! :D :D :D We won!!!! We probably could have gotten it for less, but we really don't want to know. I could have been imagining it, but I think I heard a fair about of wispering in response to the price. Those fools don't know what a deal we still really got.

I'm excited about it, but I think I'd be even more excited if we had been able to take it home today (we have to take the bill of sale and get the title transfered before we get the keys). I really would like to be able to really look at it inside and out, and take a ride in it (I'd love to drive it, but I don't know how to drive a stick yet) to see how it behaves. I really can't wait till I can drive it! Two weeks and I'll be home for the summer, then I can start learning. Once I know how to drive it it will be my car for the summer, but since my dad (crash safety concerns) and step dad (trustworthiness concerns) aren't too happy about me driving it to school I'm going to take my Civic back when I go. Which I really don't mind, because as awesome as the Insight is, I also totally love my HCH (it's newer and nicer)... I was actually a little torn thinking it was going to just go to my mom (until I wanted it back when I had kids or something and need a sedan). I think this will work out well.

2000 Insight w/ AC
Silverstone Metallic
34,498 miles

It has a few cosmetic problems: The trim piece above the passenger door is missing, but I've already ordered a replacement. The stickers on the back aren't in good shape, the H isn't even there, but I've ordered new ones of those too. There is a hole in the floor carpet on the drivers side, and the headlights are a little foggy. I can live with that. I can't say much more than that because I didn't really look at it too closely while we were there because I didn't want to seem too interested.

We have the complete history, and it looks like the IMA was replaced in March' 05, (on the sheet it says "defective AMA battery" and also mentions error codes P1164 and 1447) at 28,740 miles.

Two new tires as of January also.

I think we got a good deal. :) I'm happy.

I'll be bringing Fuel Phobic (that's what I've decided to name it, my Civic is Fuel Shy) to Hybrid Fest! I plan on getting a vanity tag that says XXL MPG, so look for me if you're going.

Wooooo! :D :D

Oh, also the MPG I saw on the dash was 47.something, not sure if this is lifetime or not, I'll have more details soon. I'm not worried about the MPGs being so low, since it was a county car, it's expected the people who are driving it don't really care about fuel economy. I'm sure I'll be able to pull that number way up.

I'm looking forward to posting here more often now that I'm an Insight owner, rather than just an admirer.


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Autctions can be FUN but stressful - depending on how badly you want the item(s).

In your case - well done! :)

Now, best of luck with it and enjoy it!

Fred / Proud Owner of "The Silver Bullet"
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