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I recently purchaced a used red 2001 Insight with CVT & 25K. I am for the most part happy with the purchase, but my mpg is lower than I expected. I am on the learning curve on how to drive, my first fillup was 45.5mpg & the second was 48.9mpg. I noticed that right after I filled my tank last time that the car seem more slugish & lower mpg. Is that because of the weight of the gas or something else? I am hoping I can continue to improve the mileage as I learn my Insight driving skills. Do I take it from what I read that the CVT does not do lean burn when the indicator reaches 100mpg?
Also a few other questions, I will be taking the car in for the 30k servicing before a long trip to Utah late this month. What is the best way to find out if a Honda service center has a good informed Insight technician? I have read some things that say service varies widely between dealers. Second, my battery has been charging very well since my purchase never dropping below between 3/4 to 1/2 charged. When I get into the Rockies with long uphills will I notice shortcomings?
Finally, does anyone know why in the world Honda did not install a drivers rear hatch release in the car?
Thanks for this forum & I hope to learn how to use it better.
P. Lundskow

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Hi Indysight and welcome to the forum :!: :)

Seems there has been a lot of interest from new owners over the last couple of months, must be something to do with the price of gas. ;) :)

Anyway if you simply spend some time reviewing the first few pages here in the General forum I believe that most of your questions have been recently asked and answered. :)

Also don't forget the Insight Central Encyclopedia

And the Driving tips to maximize fuel efficiency:

In regard to the hatch release; since the Insight is equipped with a keyless entry and has a master control lock switch in the driver's door, the hatch release is effectively "in there" :)

HTH! :)
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