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Cobb(screen name) and I, both Richmond, VA residents are considering the formation of a club dedicated to fuel efficient cars and ecomiling techniques. We think we have several good meeting spots available to us. A rough goal statement would be, “the promotion of improved fuel economy and a better environment through education and encouragement of fuel efficient cars, and driving techniques.”

Initially, we are thinking that the club would meet either monthly or bi-monthly with a two hour program. We would try to get the meeting room for a three hour period with a rather standard agenda that centered around:
-welcome, opening remarks and introduction of guests
-a short club report
-a guest speaker
-open discussion of cars, troubleshooting, ecomiling and other topics of interest.

An attempt would be made to keep everything very informal and open to new insights, innovation and suggestions.

We are conducting this survey to determine if there is a level of interest within driving distance to Richmond. Obviously this is just an initial step and much work would be needed to get this off the ground. If anyone wants to meet with Cobb or me within the next week or two, or if you would be interested in joining such a club, feel free to PM me or Cobb.

Jim E.

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Jim is a g1 owner and I am a g2. We are just tired of seeing an insight here and there, both stock and modded. We want to finally gather resources and making triple digits mpg. Likewise with other cars, however my experience is the i2 and geo metro.

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