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New Shift Knob

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Anyone have a good source for nice shift knobs?

I refuse to buy anything a pepboys or autozone ... because i dont want Type-R wirtten anywhere on my car!

I would perfer on that will threat onto the stock shaft, rather than ont hat is secured with some set scres.

And i am preferatble to leather.

The stock one is ok, but i perfer a round top, it just fits my hand better!

Thansk for the help!
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I'll second the Momo ones, very nice stuff, not cheap though. One recommendation you might take in to consideration. The one I have is leather with a chrome partial top. In the summers the chrome gets really freakin hot so I have to grab around it with my fingers until the car cools off enough. That or I just keep the little sock on it for a while. Leather is nice, but a shifter ball see's probably the most wear of any leather so to keep it in good shape you'll need to put leather conditioner on it fairly frequently.
Foxpaw said:
To my understanding, there is a lot of common parts between the S2000 and the Insight. I would assume that the shift lever is the same.
A lot of parts are similar, like an engineer pulled up existing parts and saved time by redesigning them instead of comming up with an entirely new part. Beyond that respect it's difficult to know for sure. On the S2000 there's a major difference in the shift linkages to begin with. The shifter on the S sits right on top of the transmission itself. You shift a rod that goes right down to the transmission with a very short throw. On our Insight's the shifter is connected to two cables which to up front to the transmission. If I had access to a S2000 I'd go find out, but I don't. I do however know they sell a very expensive titanium shift knob for the S2000 as a ~$175 accessory :lol: .
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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