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New Shift Knob

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Anyone have a good source for nice shift knobs?

I refuse to buy anything a pepboys or autozone ... because i dont want Type-R wirtten anywhere on my car!

I would perfer on that will threat onto the stock shaft, rather than ont hat is secured with some set scres.

And i am preferatble to leather.

The stock one is ok, but i perfer a round top, it just fits my hand better!

Thansk for the help!
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The stock knob for an S2000 can't be cheap either. It could be like the Honda antennas, most of them are interchangable.

It always cracks me up that when you see a "wrecked but rebuildable" S2000 on eBay, besides all the body panels and other parts it needs, the shift knob is also missing. 8)
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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