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New Shift Knob

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Anyone have a good source for nice shift knobs?

I refuse to buy anything a pepboys or autozone ... because i dont want Type-R wirtten anywhere on my car!

I would perfer on that will threat onto the stock shaft, rather than ont hat is secured with some set scres.

And i am preferatble to leather.

The stock one is ok, but i perfer a round top, it just fits my hand better!

Thansk for the help!
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I had a custom shift knob made by Bruce, who runs it, was really nice and patiently explained all my options. I ended up with a upside-down, bell-shaped smiley knob that was yellow with silver and pearl swirls. I just love it, but it's only 2" in diameter at the top (the widest point). I have small hands so it fits me perfectly, but anyone taller than five feet might have issues. :wink:

You can even get personal stuff embedded in them, like pins or buttons. Pretty neat. He has a bunch of different shapes and colors, smiley or not smiley. I think he even has some with lights in them.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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