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New spark Plugs $56.00 for three!

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The spark plugs are definetly one of the draw backs of the Insight. Special, special, special. Make sure you get the right stamped plugs prior to walking out of the dealer. The Honda parts guy said they were all "B" stamp and so I checked. One of the three was an "A" stamp. Very important to get the right ones. I'm assuming the plugs come with the gap pre-set, Right? What if they are damaged in shipping and the gap is moved? Where do I find the correct gap for a "B" stamped plug? How would I ever know if the gap is correct or damaged somehow?

All I can say is that I'm glad the plugs only need to be changed every 100K miles. BTW I just joined the 100K club this week!
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Yeah two of the plugs came out of the box without the paper tube on the threaded part. They all looked the same, but one can never be sure.

I should probably adjust the valves now as well. Was adjusting the valves a tough job. Or is like any other Honda valve adjustment?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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