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Hello, I've wanted an Insight for a couple of years now, I'm currently driving a 00' Sunfire. I now want to get a new car, well new used, and I'm looking at an Insight. I do drive to college in a different town, and before the Sunfire I owned a Prelude. My family is what you can call a, "Honda Family", We've had about 12 in the past 20 years. I've only been in an Insight, as my dad had to test drive it for me because I don't know how to drive a standard. Are the CVT's the kind of automatics that steal power from the engine? I guess I mean to ask if the CVT is slightly slower than the stick? I'm not sure how to use the site but are there any things you might want to tell a person before buying one? Gas to use, tire pressure, etc...? Thanks for you help!

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I test drove an automatic, and ended up with a manual because it was tons more fun and responsive. The manuals also get better mpg.

I would recommend making sure you are happy with a stick by learning on any old manual transmission car which is available, and then going with the manual insight test drive and likely purchase one...

Do the stick practice on any old car fisrt, and then if you find you really don't want a manual, then you'll have learned that before you buy your Insight - and you can get the CVT.

The CVTs aren't bad cars, it's just that you may find that you are a manual kind of driver and will never forgive yourself for finding that out AFTER you get a CVT!

Hi Zero:

___Welcome to the Insightcentral forum …

___I would first make sure you want an Insight for a long term vehicle. They can save a ton on fuel costs, output the lowest amount of Greenhouse gases of any automobile here in the states, and are fun to drive but they are not the most quiet, smooth and/or or overall comfortable automobiles on the road by far.

___The CVT’s are only slightly slower then the 5-speed’s with as little as .2 and as much as 1.5 seconds more in the 0 - 60 mph dash reported around the net. They (the CVT) come with a pretty harsh fuel economy penalty without the ability to cruise in lean burn is another item you may want to consider. Take a look at the lifetime mileage database of the hundreds of Insighter’s before you for a real world take on what is possible with the 5-speed and what the CVT is capable of. Then again, if you are driving in the city most of the time, I wouldn’t own a stick myself as that could get old real fast. Out in Oklahoma, I don’t think you would have a problem with a stick myself ;)

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
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