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I currently own a Honda Prelude but I'm looking to start commuting 45 miles into work so I want something economical - I'm very interested in the Insight.

Where can I get one from? I live in the UK.
They don't come up on AutoTrader that often and used Honda dealer prices are out of my range.

Does anyone have one for sale?
I notice there is no 'For Sale' section on the forum.

Just one other question - will I fit?

I'm 6' 4", hence I have a fifth generation Prelude as its one of the few sports cars I can fit in (and I like Hondas of course :wink:)!

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Hi Stoner

I am going to be selling my Silver Insight in two weeks for £8,450 ono. My Silver Insight has only done about 27,000 miles. I am going on holiday this weekend hence the two week delay. Even though you are 6'4" you will fit in the Insight no problem (I am 6' 2" and have room to spare). I can give you first refusal if you are interested.

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