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Hi dib and welcome to the forum :!: :)

1) 95+% of the maintenance your Insight will need is not hybrid specific. Any competent mechanic will be able to do the job(s) for you. But that's the "key". Shop until you find one :!:

The 3 most common "mistakes" are

1) Too low tire pressure. For the best compromise of MPG and safety try the maximum rating on the sidewall (OEM tires are 44psi). Also other tires have been tested and show a 10%+ MPG loss with a smoother ride. Its your car and choice :!: :)
2) Incorrectly reattaching the rear wheel skirts. ($200 :oops: )
3) Overtightening the drain plug and or not using a new crush washer on each and every oil change ($500++ :oops: ). I use a Fumoto drain valve about $30 +-.

Could be CVT related. Some relatively "small" amount of whine is normal. But if you don't know when the fluid was changed last if wouldn't hurt to have it done. Use ONLY Genuine Honda CVT transmission fluid. If its been more than 50K miles since its last change then 3 fluid changes back-to-back will maximize the benefit (no need to drive in between just rev her up on the lift). There are several not too old threads in the Problems & Troubleshooting forum on CVT noises and solutions / results. I'd check those threads.

Insurance rates vary from state to state and also widely by company. I'd do some shopping :!: (Seems the insurance companies like to loose old customers and "make" you change every few years. :| ) From other similar past questions and in other states the Insight is no more expensive to insure than other cars.

No HOV lanes here in East TN so I can't help you there. ;)

HTH! :)
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