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Holy hybrid comparo! Fusion, Insight, Prius face off

Surprise winner

By Calre Dear, National PostJune 26, 2009 8:14 AM

Kingston, Ont.: Few will argue Toyota is the benchmark automaker for driving green. Its hybrid system is a technology the rest of the industry has been chasing for more than a decade. For much of that period, Toyota’s status as the green leader has been largely unchallenged. True, the Jetsons-style, two-seater Insight from Honda did give hybrid buyers an early option, but Toyota’s Prius was the clear choice for most. In fact, the company has sold more than a million of these gas sippers.

More recently, however, hybrid choices have grown, with several automakers going green, either developing their own systems or buying the technology from Toyota. There’s no doubt the competition has heated up and consumers now have an array of hybrid models from compact sedans to luxury SUVs and trucks to consider. The prime segment, however, is family sedans, and this is why I’m looking at a trio of 2010 contenders — the Ford Fusion Hybrid, Honda Insight and Toyota Prius.

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