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Nickle Copper Brake Lines Corroding?

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Hello all,

I replaced all my brake lines about 2 years ago. I made sure to use nickle copper so I wouldn't have to deal with corroding lines again. However, I took a look under my insight today and the lines look pretty bad. I admit that I cheaped out and bought some generic no name brand nickle copper lines off Amazon.

Is it normal for nickle copper lines to look like this after a few years in the salt belt or does it look like these lines are likely some low quality mystery alloy?
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Unfortunately, I suspect that they aren't "real" nickel copper lines. Cunifer, AGS NiCopp, and SUR&R Ultrabend are all the "real thing". I've purchased both NiCopp and SUR&R Ultrabend and put a very strong magnet on the lines and they were not magnetic. I suspect a magnet would stick to yours. See this link:

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What? the "same product for 1/4 the price" wasn't actually the same?! Amazon's FULL of knockoffs. The chinese (and others) companies have zero qualms about it and Bezos likes the money more than he cares. Just look at flashlights there. Unfortunately, now you get to do the lines again after spending money on the real thing.
You guys are correct. I applied a magnet to the lines and sure enough it sticks.

I've worked with real nickle copper and steel lines, and these lines bent and flared very easily like nickle copper lines. Because of that I don't think they are traditional steel lines coated with copper. I think they are some sort of low quality mystery pot metal alloy from who-knows-where in China.

It took me about 2 days to replace those lines and I thought I was being smart using nickle copper because I'd never have to do it again. I played myself though by cheaping out. I hope I can at least get 5 years out of these crap lines.

Embarrassing. I can count on one hand the number of times in my life that cheaping out has payed off. Almost every time it has either left me disappointed or somehow ended up costing me more in the long run. It can work, but you have to do research to know what you're buying. Apparently Amazon is ok will allowing fraudulent junk. Otherwise, buy once cry once.
@Revtach can you attach a picture of your repaired brake lines that look bad? I see the pictures in post #1 now.

I too purchased nicopp lines cheap (from Amazon, seller was 4LifetimeLines in 2021). Luckily for me a magnet does not stick to it so it could be the real thing. Hmm, the description did say " 25 ft 3/16 True Copper-Nickel Alloy Non-Magnetic Brake Line Replacement Tubing", I didn't understand then what "Non-Magnetic" meant.

I will take a closer look at the repair I made and see how it is holding up.
😕 This is disappointing news. Thanks for taking the time to share ✌ ... Will hopefully help members to be 'Happy' through advice vs. 'Wise' through unnecessary unpleasant first hand experience. I tried to find the post about a vendor offering pre-bent; pre-flared lines (with mixed reviews on exact fitment) but can't locate it. I'll reserve a spot here __, if I find the Post Link.
Kanpai! 🍶,
I ended up with similar lines from eBay once. I think they were copper plated. I realized it before I used them. After reviewing the listing, I realized I wasn't reading carefully enough, so I didn't bother returning them. Maybe I'll use the lines somewhere, someday. Nickel-copper lines will discolor with age, but they won't look rusty.
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