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nicks in the tire sidewalls

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While checking the tires at the gas station this morning, I noticed a couple of them had sidewall nicks. Not large and not bad--the biggest was perhaps 3/4" across--and the sidewalls didn't have a bump around the nicks, but since we run our tires at a pretty high pressure, I wonder if we need to be extra-careful about sidewall cuts?

One I think occurred on the freeway, I heard something small rattle in the wheel skirt one morning. The other is on a front tire and I have not a clue what caused it.

Oh, and I was SO CLOSE with getting really lucky on my plates...the numbers are "133."
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Don't use Armorall or other chemicals to clean and make the sidewalls nice and shiny. Over time these chemicals actually dry out the tire compound and it cracks. UV light also causes damage over time.
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