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No Autostop?????

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I have just purchased a 2001 CVT Insight from a dealer with 3500 miles, a demo. Everything looks ok, but I have not seen the car use the auto stop feature once, no matter what the environmental controls are set at. Any ideas? Is this a 5 speed feature only?
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It was 70 degrees F out, car warm after a 55 mile drive, I am going to check the sensor, found that info after posting the question. Dealer had tire pressures low, so would not be suprised if he didnt hook up the sensor.

The connector at radiator was loose, all good now! Woo Hoo. Thanks everyone!
Thanks again everyone. I also noticed the CVT will not auto stop if in the "S" shifting mode, didn't see that posted or in the manual. I love the car, and looking forward to some high tech mods. I have a bunch of carbon fiber honeycomb that would make a trick armrest.........
Arm rest, carbon fiber

I saw the husco arm rest, and it looks ok, but I wanted something that looked factory and high tech like the car. I didnt want to just bolt one to the trim around the brake lever. I will experiment with design, and send pics of how it turns out. I will keep patterns so I can make more.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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