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Esteemed Insight Drivers, please help me out. My 2000 Insight is now blowing fuse #16 (A/C, R/C Mirror), 7.5 amp, interior fuse panel within seconds upon starting the vehicle. The ABS light will come on the dash when this occurs, and of course I lose all climate control function/display. I had A/C this past summer (had located a leak, repaired and recharged), but I lost heat/defrost around November. I "burped" the coolant, but that didn't help. I eventually got a new thermostat and flushed the coolant, but now the fuse is blowing. When the fuse was working up until a month ago, it seemed like the fans would blow as per usual, but that the temperature dial had no effect on the actual temperature (air would blow at ambient air temp).

Any advice on what to check / replace / bypass? Feel free to link me to an existing article/thread if there is one (I looked, didn't find one).
Thank you!
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